Papers and Presentations

SIDs 2016 papers and presentations can be downloaded from the website. Please use the following publication reference: Schaefer, Dirk (Editor) Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days (2016) EUROCONTROL. ISSN 0770-1268

Title Authors Slides
Opening Plenary - SESAR UPDATE D. Bowen
Opening Plenary - Welcome at Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the TU Delft J. Hoekstra
Opening Plenary - ASDA Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe K. Klein
Ecological Approach to Train Air Traffic Control Novices in Conflict Detection and Resolution C. Borst, M. Mulder and Re Van Paassen, TU Delft
Critical Personality Aspects for Human-Machine Interaction in Highly Automated Aviation S. Eschen, K. Gayraud and D. Keye-Ehing, DLR
Modelling and Analysis of Controller’s Taskload in Different Predictability Conditions E. Zohrevandi, V. Polishchuk, J. Lundberg, Å. Svensson, J. Johansson, Linköping University and B. Josefsson, LFV
Probabilistic Aircraft Conflict Detection Considering Ensemble Weather Forecast E. Hernández, A. Valenzuela and D. Rivas, University of Seville
Wind-Based Robust Trajectory Optimization using Meteorological Ensemble Probabilistic Forecasts D. González, M. Soler and M. Sanjurjo , UC3M
Continuous Climb Operations with Minimum Fuel Burn J. Rosenow, S. Förster and H. Fricke, TU Dresden
A Safety Impact Quantification Approach for Early Stage Innovative Aviation Concepts S. Stroeve, B. Van Doorn, NLR and J. Cahill, Trinity College Dublin
Discussion on Complexity and TCAS Indicators for Coherent Safety Net Transitions C. Verdonk and F. Sáez, Cranfield University
Big Data Analytics for a Passenger-Centric Air Traffic Management System P. García, Nommon , J. J. Ramasco, IFISC, G. Andrienko, Fraunhofer, N. Adler, I. Hebrew, University of Jerusalem, C. Ciruelos, ISDEFE and R. Herranz, Nommon
Visual Analytics and Machine Learning for Air Traffic Management Performance Modelling R. Marcos, D. Toribio, Nommon, L. Garrigó, N. Alsina, ALG, G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, Fraunhofer, L. Piovano, UPM, T. Blondiau, Transport & Mobility Leuven and R. Herranz, Nommon
TriControl - A Multimodal Air Traffic Controller Working Position O. Ohneiser, M.L. Jauer, H. Gürlük and M. Uebbing-Rumke, DLR
Probabilistic Runway and Capacity Forecasting using Machine Learning to Support Decision Making A. de Leege, To70 and C. Janssen, KLM
GBAS Interoperability Trials and Multi-Constellation/Multi-Frequency Ground Mockup Evaluation T. Feuerle, M. Stanisak, TU Braunschweig, S. Saito, T. Yoshihara, ENRI and A. Lipp, EUROCONTROL
Effect of ADS-B Characteristics on Airborne Conflict Detection and Resolution T. Langejan, E. Sunil, J. Ellerbroek and J. Hoekstra, TU Delft
Investigating the Safety-Relevance of Limited Distinctive Features on a Multi Remote Tower-Working Position L. Meyer, LFV and H. Fricke, TU Dresden
Can LiDAR Point Clouds effectively contribute to Safer Apron Operations? J. Mund, P. Latzel and H. Fricke, TU Dresden
Runway Pressure Research W. Vermeersch, P. Roling, TU Delft and D. Mijatovic, LVNL
Human and Technical Performance Aspects in RPAS Integration Trials in Controlled Airspace J. Bueno, C. Regidor, ISDEFE, D. Escribano, CRIDA, M. Vega, INTA and F. Ferrández, ENAIRE
Effects of En-route Wake Vortex on RPAS Operations M. Pérez-Batlle, M. Marcos and E. Pastor, UPC
Human Factors Impact Assessment of RPAS Integration into Non-segregated Airspace P. Sanchez-Escalonilla, D. Escribano, L. Fresno and L. Sanchez-Palomo, CRIDA
Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Trajectory Based Operations under Very High Traffic Demand H. Blom and B. Bakker, NLR
Geometric Separation K. Barker and N. Korbey, Via Technology
Improved Flexibility and Equity for Airspace Users during Demand-capacity Imbalance N. Pilon, EUROCONTROL, S. Ruiz, A. Bujor, ALG, A. Cook, University of Westminster and L. Castelli, University of Trieste
Maximizing ATM Cost-efficiency by Flexible Provision of Airspace Capacity S. Starita, A. Strauss, University of Warwick, R. Jovanovic, N. Ivanov, University of Belgrade and F. Fichert, Worms University of Applied Sciences
Dynamic Airspace Sectorisation using Controller Task Load I. Gerdes, A. Temme and M. Schultz, DLR
Towards an Operational Sectorisation based on Deterministic and Stochastic Partitioning Algorithms J. Bedouet, T. Dubot and L. Basora, ONERA
Integrated Optimization of Terminal Manoeuvring Area and Airport J. Ma, D. Delahaye, M. Sbihi, ENAC and M. Mongeau, Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse 3
Hot Spot Identification and Mitigation at Strategic Level by Subliminal Changes in Aircraft Time of Arrival at Junction D. Gatsinzi, F. Javier Saez Nieto and I. Madani, Cranfield University
Hub Operations Delay Recovery based on Cost Optimisation L. Delgado, University of Westminster, J. Martin, A. Blanch and S. Cristobal, Innaxis
Introducing More Competition into ATM: Possible Institutional Designs E. Delhaye and T. Blondiau, Transport & Mobility Leuven
Quantifying Resilience in ATM – Contrasting the Impacts of Four Mechanisms during Disturbance L. Delgado, A. Cook, G. Tanner, University of Westminster and S. Cristóbal, Innaxis
The Economic Value of Adding Capacity at Airports G. Gurtner, A. Cook, A. Graham, University of Westminster, S. Cristóbal and D. Huet, EUROCONTROL
Closing Plenary - LOOKING AHEAD D. Bowen