BlueSky Tutorial


At the 2016 SESAR Innovation Days, TU Delft is holding a BlueSky tutorial. BlueSky is a fully open-source ATM simulator, which aims to provide a fully portable, freely downloadable package, easy to use, yet versatile. BlueSky aims to achieve a level of user- friendliness and fidelity that is comparable to commercial off-the-shelf tools for ATM simulation.

Some features of BlueSky:

  • Written in the freely available, easy to learn, multi-platform language Python 2.x

  • Contains open source data on navaids and airports (global coverage), performance data of aircraft and geography

  • Contains simulations of aircraft performance model, flight management system, autopilot, conflict detection and resolution and airborne separation assurance systems.

  • Compatible with BADA 3.x data

  • Compatible with NLR Traffic Manager TMX as used by NLR and NASA LaRC

The tutorial will focus on using and, to some extent, extending BlueSky, and will demonstrate several examples of currently running research projects that use BlueSky.

Target users

BlueSky is meant as a tool to perform research on Air Traffic Management and Air Traffic Flows. Its extendibility, however, makes it suitable for a broader range of aircraft simulations. A (limited) ground model, for instance, is currently under development within one of the research projects using BlueSky. It has an academic background, but the tool can be of interest to any ATM researcher.

Contact information

If you are interested to attend the tutorial, or if you already have questions, send an email to Jacco Hoekstra (j dot m dot hoekstra at tudelft dot nl).

Bluesky, and more information about BlueSky can be found here: