Workshop on ABM - Agent-based Modelling in Air Traffic Management

Objectives of the workshop

The goal of the workshop is to present the capabilities of agent-based modelling and simulation in a variety of air traffic management scenarios, explaining why this technique is unique and specially powerful to understand certain scenarios in which a variety of elements interact for a final solution.


The workshop will be organised around three main areas:

  • Scenarios that need to be addressed with agent-based modelling and simulation;
  • The simulation techniques used in a variety of cases; and
  • The type of results that can be obtained.

The workshop presentations will leverage on the work done by several research groups in the context of air traffic management projects.

Models and simulation results presented will cover a variety of scenarios, with different scope and geographical extension (from single sector models to EU wide models), time resolution and granularity (from strategic planning to real-time models of flight execution), type of events (e.g. safety critical events, delays, occupancy), agents being modelled (flights, AO's, ATCOs, airports, flow managers, etc).

The technique covers models with the following characteristics:

  • Large number of agents, or
  • Low level scale model: simple behavior, but could behave different depending on the things they know or the things they have learnt.

Scenarios when there are different roles involved, but with horizontal hierarchy, and large number or people involved are the target of this type of modelling.

Target participants

Anybody interested in air traffic management modelling. Specially in situations in which the interaction of different agents is particularly relevant, like strategic planning, choosing among alternative management strategies of disturbances. For instance, bad weather and technical problems, analysing the safety impact of airspace configuration or procedural changes.

Anybody interested in identifying safety/capacity/efficiency consequences of future ATM concept of operations (e.g. using Trajectory Based Operation), and feeding these findings back to the future concept developers.

Network and Flow managers, Responsables for Safety Assessments, Flight Dispatchers and Directors of Flight operations, and more in general the ATM research community.

Registration required

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Agenda available here.